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Philippe Guglielmetti


Personal data

Married, two children
Swiss citizenship, soldier
Born December  25th 1963 in Martigny


Contribute to grow a small high-tech company with an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Identifiy customer needs.
  • Manage innovation, from idea to product.
  • Solve challenges attached to growth.


  • Management of small R&D, multidisciplinary projects. Knowledge of management techniques, finances, marketing and industrial production techniques.
  • Scientific research, ability to learn quickly . Excellent background in many scientific and technical fields.
  • Top-level knowledge in  dynamics, process control, robotics, computer science, structural mechanics, mechatronics, and "electric discharge machining" (EDM).
  • Excellent computer skills :  many programming languages, OS, Internet, many various application softwares.


Postgraduate master in "Management of Technology"

  • 1998 EPFL + HEC Lausanne + University of Texas at Austin

PhD, Science

  • 1988 - 1994 Institut d’Automatique EPFL Lausanne

Graduate, Computer Engineering

  • 1983 - 1988 EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)


  • 1978 - 1983 Collège de l’Abbaye St-Maurice

Professional Experience

1999 DynaBits, Satigny


  • Start-up
  • Partnership and funding
  • Market study for high-tech products

1994 - 1999 Charmilles Technologies, Meyrin

Process Control Engineer

  • Re-engineering of the machines production "final check" division. Let to 2 days reduction of the throughput time, which spares close to 1M$/year.
  • Benchmarking of the "final check" division in the three main production plants.
  • Technical management of an advanced R&D project on a entirely new small EDM machine for micromachining. This project was led in collaboration with the "Microtechnics" Department  at EPFL, with swiss government support WZMO (CTI).
  • "Internal consulting" on EDM process control, machine axis control. New control and geometry algorithms were developed and implemented.  Contribution to the choice of a new CNC system.
  • Scientific collaboration on a R&D project on advanced friction modelling and compensation techniques.
  • Introduction of modern software tools such as Matlab+Simulink, LabView. Development and implementation of specific applications based on these tools for performance quality control.
  • Design, construction and application of a very stiff 3D force sensor with optical measurement for  internal purposes. This project introduced some advanced concepts in the company, such as flexible parallel structures, interferometry, finite elements analysis ...
  • Support to customer service, some difficult problem solving at customers.
  • Tutorials for continuous education of engineers.

1988 – 1994 Institut d’Automatique EPFL Lausanne


  • Research project on dynamics of fast parallel robots, with application to the Delta robot. This project, funded by the Swiss National Fund, led to the PhD thesis.
  • Software development for a laser measuring device. Contract from Gillèron Electronique SA, Morges
  • Development and TI DSP implementation of an auto-tuning controller for a motor driver. Contract of Socapel SA, Penthaz (Now Atlas Copco)
  • Coaching of numerous student projects on various topics.


  • M. Kocher and Ph. Guglielmetti "Modelling and Simulation of an EDM Die-Sinking Machine", 1994, Proc. ISEM XI, Lausanne
  • Ph. Guglielmetti, R. Longchamp, "A Closed Form Inverse Dynamics Model of the Delta Parallel Robot", IFAC Symposium on Robot Control, Capri, pp.51-56 (September 1994). 
  • Ph. Guglielmetti "Model-Based Control of Fast Parallel Robots : a Global Approach in Operational Space", 1994, thèse no 1228, EPFL Lausanne
  • Ph. Guglielmetti and R. Longchamp, "Task Space Control of the Delta Parallel Robot", IFAC/IMACS/IEEE/IUTAM Workshop on Motion Control for Intelligent Automation, Perugia, Italy, pp. 337-342 (October 1992). 
  • Ph. Guglielmetti, R. Longchamp, "Real-Time Identification of a Robot Manipulator Using a Neural Network", IEEE Int. Workshop on Intelligent Motion Control, 20-22 August 1990, Istanbul, Turkey 

Internships and independent activities.

  • Military activity by Swiss Armament Group, Bern in 1994, 1997 et 1998. Development of LabView tools in signal processing and device testing.
  • Development of PC softwares for civil engineering in 1987. First (?) finite element software that used expanded memory of the PC-AT...
  • Internship by Ciba Geigy Monthey, 1986. Development of experimental control setups for apprentices.
  • Medical cabinet management software development for Philsoft, Epalinges, 1985
  • Computing Teacher at Collège Champittet, Pully, 1984
  • Salesman in microcomputer shops : TRS-80 by Miniper (Pully), then Commodore, Apple II and Mac by Computerlove (Martigny) , summers 1980-1983


  • French  : mothertongue
  • English : fluent
  • German : basic (need practice...)
  • Italian : basic


  • EDM Die-sinking operator (CT basic course)
  • Cambridge First Certificate (English)
  • Offshore sailing swiss license
  • PADI Open Water (Diving license)

Informal activities

  • Editor of the Microclub newsletter, a computer club born 25 years ago at EPFL
  • Internet sites webmaster
  • "Winter Sports & Orgias Chief" (orgia=party...) at Institut d'Automatique, EPFL
  • Actor at CT company theatre show, 1996


  • Travelling
  • Sailing, Diving, Skiing
  • Computers
  • and much more!


  • Léonard Gianadda, Fondation Gianadda, Martigny
  • Roland Longchamp, Professor EPFL
  • Bernard Bommeli, General Manager, Charmilles Technologies
  • Pascal Couchepin, Cons. Fed, Martigny (yes! he knows me...)

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